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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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get that feedback. and commissioner stephensons mentioned and also to show case the work that the partners are doing and the intention to actually do that. >> and thank you for all of your hard work. and so, if we can hear from the public, thoughts, ideas. what do you want to see? what do you think? and starting off, of course, with dr. jackson. >> thank you, this is a good day. and i hear that we are finally going to get to bay view hunter's point but one of the things that i want you to think about which would not be at any cost, would be the staff east at the room at the community college because they have the hook ups and everything and when the other supervisors as well as commissioners come to bay view hunter's point that is where they go. because everything is already there. so it would not be no cost to
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you, not if you want to bring me some water. or chips or something. >> but, i would want to say thank you very much. and you know, for taking it under consideration and going to finally meet in bay hunter's point and maybe you can get a tour and i can give you a tour of the community so you know that it is safe there but i don't know if they have the outlets at the two places that he mentioned because of the fact that i know that everything is there at the south east college. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. >> all right. >> i think that dr. jackson is correct. and you will find that there
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will be more parking, and it will probably be more accommodating and it will bring commissioner king back to his hold stomping grounds and he is very familiar with that particular location. and we support the department of the environment coming into the bay view hunter's point. and this is absolutely important. that that partnership with the community be established. and be continued to, you know, let folks know, you know, some of the things that you know, could happen, as i was telling you earlier, i left the port commission and guess what they are talking about is they are talking about the rising of the tides, you know? and anyone who has ever seen the original map of the bay
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view hunter's point and you ask about the question why was it called san francisco, because it was very disconnected to the city by water. and so, as all of the commissioners mentioned today, that it seems like that was up to the department and the port. and it seems like the natural state geographics are taken back, you know, they are territory which means, again, we need to prepare, you know, for what, you know could happen. and we are talking about, you know, an area, as we have mentioned that is you know, highly produced by landfill, and so, and if you look at, you know, canals and streets, and the estuary with the creek and you really see that there is a
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possibility of a tragedy, but if we prepare it correctly, we can avoid and it could... and you know, we could educate that community about why it looks the way that it looks. and how we can avoid any, you know, any complications with the shaker, or you know, the rising tides. and so thank you for coming out. and we look forward to making sure that you are greeted professionally, and we will see you there, whatever day you all decide to pick. >> thanks, mr. bryant. >> mr. brooks? >> good evening, one more time, green party and local
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grassroots organization and city. and so it is really awesome to see that this is happening. and i would urge you and caution you to leave yourself plenty of time that night to run late because i don't live in the bay view, but because of my work, i have stood in herings and many other venues side by side with the bay view residents and especially around the toxic waste sites and just i must have been the scores of hearings at city hall and the board of supervisors and other agencies, and san francisco public utilities commission and the residentses of the bay view gets up over and over and over and over again. and raise very serious issues about impacts on their neighborhood. and rarely get listened to. and so you are going into a community that is very frustrated and has not been
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heard much. and that includes on the votes for things that go down in the neighborhood. and it took, i don't know, how many decades it took to get the waste water treatment plan set up to be renewed but it was way overdue, miss jackson, dr. jackson could tell you about that one. but the point is, please are patient, and be allow yourselves an entire very long evening to hear from the public in case that is what happens. because people need to be able to come to you as the department of the environment, to be different than the other agencies that they have spoken with, or spoken in front of before and to listen and to prepare and for the staff to prepare responses to what they learn. and so this department can help facility, solving the problems in the bay view hunter's point and then, better environmental problems faster. and so i would just commend you for doing this, and please do it more than once and please make sure that you hear them
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out. and also, be aware that even if it is not brought up at that meeting the other thing that i would tag on to what i said about th that you might have seen about a weak and a half ago in the papers a warning that the possible tsunami danger from alaska and the earth quakes is more than the scientists thought it was so if you take that science othat i raised and the sea level rise and mixing with the chemicals and the earthquake and mixing up with the chemicals more and throwing them all over the community and you add to that a 25-foot tsunami wave hitting the coast of california that will get 8 feet inside of bait as a flood surge, we are talking katrina and sandy and maybe a little bit of (inaudible) thrown in altogether because of the nature of those. so give everything that you can to this community thanks. >> thank you, mr. brooks. >> any other comments?
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>> seeing none, public comment is closed. and perhaps since we are still handling logistics through the operations maybe we can move this to off line, i would be happy to help around scheduling but that does souped sound like we are down to one of two dates and we have great ideas from donny and some insight tonight and is sounds like there is a direction to find the resources to do this and the support from the public and unless there is any other discussion, i don't know that there is any action to be taken. seeing no further discussion, thank you, everyone. could we look at item 11. >> discussion and options for the commission of the environment annual retreat and policy committee input and continued from the august 6th meeting and sponsor and speaker gravanis and wald and it is a
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informational and report and discussion item. >> thank you very much. first i need to say that on behalf of commissioner gravanis who i have not actually talked to but she is of course very sorry to miss this meeting. she almost never misses any meetings, and it is only because she is sick and i know that she must be very frustrated because tonight topic is one that she has saved. >> and she taken the interest in and indeed, was that the guiding force for a discussion that the policy committee had on july 8th, regarding the retreat, the upcoming, as yet unschedule, retreat and how it might be schedule, organized and what topics of the discussion we might address. the conversation that we had
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then, actually was endorsed by president arce and he was, he participated in it and afterwards, we thought that if we reported on that discussion, tonight, it would spark a discussion among all of the commissioners, here. about how we ought to organizize the retreat. and so let me tell you briefly that discussion or during that discussion, the four of us agreed that an appropriate focus of the upcoming retreat would be on challenges that we are facing both the department and the commission. so that what we sort of envisioned and would recommend for your consideration would be a two-part discussion.
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one that focused on challenges or opportunities before the commission, and ways in which before the department, i am sorry, and ways in which, the members of the commission or the commission as a whole could help the department address those challenges. this is an example of working with the board of supervisor and how we can get more members of the commission to go to the board or to individuals supervisors, and when there were matters of concern to the department before and to me, that is kind of technical but those were, that was one topic that we thought would be a useful discussion. the strategic plan actually is a better example and that is one that we discussed in that category and the other part of the retreat, we felt could be
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well spent deciding how we might prioritize our work as commissioners. both as the commissioner as a role and in our respectful committee and the idea was that we would ask staff, to give us some recommendations on priorities and that we would then go through a process of deciding which ones we wanted to invest our time and resources in. and it would not be, you know, a vote on the merits of the priorities it would rather be what are the ones that made the interest, and the interest of individual commissions who would be, you know, willing, to work both individually and collectively to help the
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department staff achieve their goals. we came up with a very long and pretty exciting list, which you will find in your, no maybe you won't, because you don't have the agenda of the agendas of the or the minutes on the policy committee, so with your permission, should i just read what the ideas we came up with? >> sure. >> strategies for advancing the city's green purchasing goals. there brooks, like this, working with the puc on the department's role in forwarding the sf green power program. and identifying actions for reaching 100 percent zero waste deversion goals. updating or creating a new sustainability plan. bottled water and the
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department's bio diversity program and establishing performance metrics for specific programs to better evaluate their effectiveness. and updating the climate action strategy. and insuring that large development and construction projects in the city meet the department's and the city's sustainability goals. requirements of and enforcement of the healthy air and clean transportation ordinance. hacto, the effect that it would have on the city's fleet. and creating centralized shared, city fleet and tracking the city vehicle usage. and we prioritize the mayor's task force report. and establishing other city department allieas a way to create more buy in and leveraging. and the large events and the sustainability and taking the lessons learned from the america's cup and other activities promoting a sustain
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able super bowl in san francisco when it comes here. a department and relationship of the general fund, and these are, we just had a lot of fun. making that list. and those are the kinds of things that the department is working on that we might well decide that after we have a discussion, hopefully at the retreat, were worth investing our resources in. so that is what we thought, and hopefully you will all also have some thoughts. >> on the retreat. >> thank you, commissioner wald. >> could i ask, commissioner josefowitz. >> i have a question from commissioner king and if i
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could just ask director nutter, as we kind of hear the feedback from the commission, this idea can this be, do we have the time and the band width within the retreat setting to really maximize the linkage of these two components of discussion that strategic plan and how we as a commission might prioritize our policy making role with the staff could you envision a way to link up and help to move the department agenda as a by product of the retreat? >> i think that is an excellent list and great suggestions about what will be really helpful to the staff as well as hopefully to the commissioners as well and figuring out to move forward together and one question that i would have is what sort of work can we do in advance of the retreat, either surveys or ranking because that is fantastic list and that would be great to either in the future commission meeting and
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advance of the retreat, or in some other format be able to get the feedback from each commissioner about where your personal interest lies and what you would like to be focusing on and that also gives the staff something to react to. and so i think that, having some opportunity to prioritize those and hear from each commissioner i think would really help to hone down the agenda and focus it and i think that is a great place to start. >> thank you. >> commissioner king? >> there is an exception made, not to feed king vegetarian lunch. >> the department policy. >> okay. >> bring your own. >> okay. >> all right. i just, you know, and that speaks to the forced homogonous of what we think that environmentalist is, and so somehow you can't be green and have some chicken?
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>> and chicken salad? >> one thing that i have to say is that i was at a recent sierra club meeting and there was a discussion that leads me to suggest that we may not want to then based on your request have the retreat on a monday. because there is talk about looking at mondays and some ideas and it could be exciting there. commissioner wald. so mondays are out. >> i just wanted to follow up on the director nutter's comment and ask... and i think that i would like this of tom, would it be possible for monica to send out the list, that is in the minutes to the individual commissioners and ask them to respond to her with how they feel about any of these topics and any other ones
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that they are interested in? so that... >> as long as the communication is between the individual commissioners and the commission secretary and nothing going back... >> right. >> where one commissioner responses are shared with another commissioner. and that would be fine. >> so, would that be a way? >> i mean, because i think that the point that you are making which is you don't know our respective interest is a very valid one and i am sure that you can guess of some of us what our interests are. >> but, i think that if you could poll us and then the staff could respond and then we would not have to do any work on things that have no significant. >> and we will get the priorities and you will explain to them that it is not a beauty
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contest here? >> this has been about us and not about the work that they do, because i would not want, i would not want the people to think that this was in any way a statement on the value of the work that they are doing it is really is what we are all are interested in and we know about. yeah. >> that is cool. >> commissioner king? >> we do like some kind of survey monkey or something like that where i could quickly check in whether you know, my lap top or my iphone that would be great. >> that would be good. >> and is there a survey monkey section of the brown act to give us guidance on it? >> seriously, and i think that after with more i was thinking of the old fashioned paper and pen. >> paper and pen works good too. >> but, i was actually thinking of the survey monkey and i think that we should understand what the rules are because i
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think that if it is a technical tool that we can use to make it easier to just grab everyone's information and it is not being shared with the commissioners until the public forum, hopefully that will work and defer to the city attorney for guidance on that. >> one of those does not allow you to prohibit the people from seeing any one's responses. >> except for their own. >> you can't talk about it because you get into a meeting. >> right. >> okay. one quick thing just to throw out and then we got to take public comment. this is one area where we are having challenge and we are looking at november, and it seems to be that there is a
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potential, and there is some potential travel, by our director that if it does not happen earlier in the week we could potentially have a date. and that could work, one other quick idea, just to throw out, and then we could go to public comment. and in a call of logistics about this and i threw out the idea of talking about location and the last retreat, and it was at our office, or an office city government, office, and maybe passed city government offices and the port and stuff like that. i threw out the idea that at the china town campus at city college, they have a new multiuse facility and thes lead certificated and state of the art, meeting rooms and i happened to bump into the president of the city college board and i mentioned that potential that i was going to float the idea about maybe doing it there in the community, supporting city college, and around the event and it is an open meeting so
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potential for the community that we want to partner with to engage and so it could be another chance to do some commission business out in the community. >> all right, public comment on this discussion? >> mr. brooks? >> good evening, again, commissioners, sorry but commissioner wald opened up the possibility to comment on this and so i am going to take the opportunity because it is important when you raised the issue of clean power sf i was glad to hear that and i i would add to that to explore what the staff for the staff to work and not only with the sfpuc and the board of supervisors but specifically with the local agency formation commission in san francisco. the reason that i say that, is that there were two big times and other times in the past when clean power sf was halted
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by the sfpuc and the advocates felt that both time in the unwarranted fashion, and one was in 2004 when the original ordinance was passed to start the clean power sf and the no comment, this is no comment on the current, and but the staff then, literally refused to draw up the implementation plan for the program and it took, when it was form, it was largely formed to accept pardon the clean power sf as a city agency project, and in 2004 when it happened, alaska stepped in and hired the creators of the clean power sf, local power. and actually it did not each hire, the creators they did it probono and that, the local power to do the implementation plan in lafco, they introduced
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that plan. and that brought this sfupc back to the table and kind of shuned them and came back and got to work and worked on a plan with us and then in 2011, after we had for many years, said, that for the commission and it is staff to work on the most important aspect of this program and it is the most important aspect to this commission is that the local build out and the jobs and making sure that we did the study work necessary to prepare for hundreds of mega watts of local and renewable efficiency that we put forward in this program, and going to hire the consultant to do that work and what and undid that and serious, to get us to the point where we are now and where we actually have a build out and plan and development and that is the local agency and formation and commission, stepped up to hire the contractor itself and once again, it was local power, and
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that once again, forced sfpuc back to the table and so please have your staff work very closely with the lafco because that is the ground that we found the most fertile when the program is on hold as it is right now, thanks. >> thank you. >> for the public comment? >> seeing none, we will get the next item. and we need to figure the logistics for the retreat. >> operation's committee chair report, the highlights of the august 14, 2013 meeting and review the agenda for the november meeting. >> i table that. and i am continue that into the next meeting. >> i don't have my notes. >> motion to continue by commissioner king? >> second that. >> second from commissioner josefowitz. can i hear all of those in favor of continuing the item to
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our next meeting, please say aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> item is continued. >> policy committee report. >> commissioner wald? >> on august 12th... >> i am sorry. could i get what is the move to make? i did not take public comment on that item. >> i know that we have watch dogs in the audience and i don't want to make that mistake. >> deputy city? >> you can recind the vote. >> could i get a motion to recind. >> all those in aye. >> item 12, public comment on item 12? >> could i get a motion to continue this item to the next meeting. >> move to continue. >> all of those in favor, a aye.
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>> item 13, policy committee report. >> thank you. >> and at our august 12th, i first have to correct what i said before, we actually talked about the agenda at the staff retreat at our july 8th meeting not our august 12th meeting and at the august 12th meeting we had lively discussions for information and the discussions sessions that were addressed first to supervisor david chiu's legislation, to reduce plastic water bottle sales on city property. we vaoefd a written staff report on the cities and the department of the environment climate action, and various city departments climate action plans for fiscal year, 2012, to 2013, we had a staff report on
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car idling reduction campaigns. and the department is engaged in and we had a presentation on eco districts type three, the eco neighborhood pilot program, from donny, all of which was very interesting. engaging on september 9th, although i was not there, commissioner josefowitz tells me that we had and so did the agenda, a discussion on developing recommendations for the city hazard mitigation plan and we had a presentation on product stewardship model for increasing the collection of household batteries and mercury containing lamps. and very timely, obviously.
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and we had an update on the current strategic planning process that the department is engaged in. and our next meeting is november 13th, and we have yet to set the agenda for that but i think that we are doing it on monday. >> thank you, commissioner wald. >> my pleasure. >> and the next meeting is october 21st. >> right. >> it is. >> comments? colleagues? >> if i could say one thing. that the way that i have been able to join in the policy committee discussions as a non-member of the committee, and to be all squared with mr. brown and the brown act is that commissioner wald and monica worked to notice the meetings as a meeting of the committee of the whole that any or all


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